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My Journey to The Philippines

Tanggal : 30-10-2012 18:39, dibaca 10477 kali.

It was February 4th , 2010 the day for leaving my lovely kids and family for going abroad to The Philippines. I started going to Juanda airport from home at 10 am and arrived at the airport around 3 pm. There were other 21 friends and 2 lecturers just had been gathering there. According to the schedule we would take off from Juanda to Sukarno Hatta in Jakarta at 18.45 ( 6.45 pm ). After checking the document and baggage, we went into the Lion Air,

the plane which would take me to Jakarta. Flying to Jakarta needs about an hour flight. The plane landed on Sukarno Hatta at 20.00 ( 8 pm ). It means that we had to stay in the airport for about 4 hours because Cebu Airline ( the plane which would take us to Philippine ) would take off at midnight ( at 24. 15 ). We spent the time by checking everything we brought, mainly our passport and visa. Some of us also tried to call their family to take leaving by phone. Until time was coming, we had to pass through the check in counter gate first before we got into the plane. We took seats based on the seat number printed in the ticket. A few minutes before taking off, a stewardess announced the passengers to put on the seatbelt and any regulation what the passengers must and must not do during the flight. Then, time showed 24.15. The plane moved smoothly for taking off.

After four hours in the air, we arrived at Ninoi Aquino Airport. We got off from the plane moving to the terminal building. Then we went to the “ Baggage Claim “ to take and check our luggage. After everything is ok, we went to immigration officer line for checking the documents. On every check in gate our suitcases had to be checked by screening monitor in order to find the forbidden/ dangerous luggage. Finally we walked through the exit gate to the front area of the airport. We were gathering there before we continue our destination to Angeles City ( the place where we would stay and study ). Unluckily, the distance from the airport and Angeles was still far. We needed about 3 hours to get there by bus. We were picked up by the host from the Angeles University Foundation. We were very tired actually, but we enjoyed the trip to Angeles as the first day for us reaching the Philippines.

The local time showed at 11.00 am, it means in Indonesia was still at 10. 00 am when we got off from the bus in front of Angeles University Foundation. There was not anything special for the building because we could find more beautiful ones in Indonesia. But when we came into the centre part of the AUF area, we found a shady park with some beautiful ornaments. In the front main building there was a monument of the University founder, it was Madam Angeles. After few minutes observing the environment, we were taken to the hostel ( Student lodging house ) where it was not far from the university area. We just walked for several minutes to get to the lodging house.

In this building we would stay for about two months. The building was nice and comfortable enough with 4 floors. And in this building every student from others countries usually stay. Most of them came from Korea, Hindi, African, China, and Timor Leste. We were taken in the 3rd floor that every room was stayed by two persons. Because the number of us was 22 so we had 11 rooms to stay. Hopefully we would settle down staying in this building for two months.

In the evening of the first day staying in Angeles city, we were invited to come to the welcome party in the lodging house hall. Several lecturers and university staff were introducing themselves in this moment, as well as we were from Indonesia. They were very warmth and friendly welcoming us. They hoped we suppose Angeles as our own home.

Joining The Lecture In Angeles University Foundation ( Philippines)

We had schedule for taking two lectures in Angeles University Foundation. As the consequence we have to go to campus every day. It was Monday, 6th February 2010, the first time for us to go to campus for joining the lecture. We were taking the lecture together in the same class. We took Applied Linguistics and TEFL in this campus

The first day in campus was still unpleasant for us because we were still thinking about our family in Indonesia. However, we tried to enjoy our day by going around the campus and the neighborhood. I think, there is nothing special we can notice about the people and the environment in Angeles city. It is just like in our home town, Indonesia.

The problem was about the menu that we have to consume for meal. For me, I really could not enjoy the meal which is usually served for our meal time. I could not adapt the taste to my appetite. I could not stand for it. That’s why I decided to consume only fruits, bread and vegetable for my meal. I went to Supermarket for buying those stuffs.

When we wanted to go somewhere by public transport we could get on JEEPNEY, a big car which is like a bus with a unique design. A JEEPNEY can be loaded more than 15 passengers. And we had to pay for it for only 7 Peso ( 1 peso = 200 Rupiah) for long and short direction. We liked going together for travelling around Angeles city by getting on JEEPNEY.

Living for two months in The Philippines made me interested in learning the local language, it is TAGALOG. In Philippine, English has been the second language which is most people use English for communication ( not only to the foreigner), but they also still use their local language for communication among the native. I made myself being able to communicate to the native there by speaking TAGALOG. Here are some words/ expression that I still remember :


Thank you Salamat

Good Morning Magandang Umaga

Good day Magandang araw

Good Afternoon Magandang Hapon

Good evening Magandang gabi

Good bye Paalam

Good Luck Kaya mo yan

How are you? Kamusta ka na?

What is your name? Anong Pangalan mo?

How much? Magkano po?

How many? Ilan po?

Where are you? Saan ka?

Good/ Great Mabuti

Yes Oo

No hindi

Breakfast almusal

I love you Mahal kita

Getting chance for staying abroad was a very unforgettable experience. I could learn more about culture, social interaction, and language from people in other country. We can also share and introduce our own culture to people in the country where we live. As I did when I was in Philippine I had to perform a traditional dance from Indonesia. We had to perform it in Farewell party. We decided to perform Pendet dance, a traditional dance from Bali. That’s the amazing moment I have ever experienced, Performing a dance in front of people in another country.

GET YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE… May it can inspire to all my students to study hard to makes your dreams come true.

( by : Tug Khairiyah )

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